The Nourish Program


Nourish is for innovators shaping the future of food in health care. The program draws on approaches to personal leadership and organizational development, the experimentation spirit of labs, and the power of communities of practice to set information free. The program is driven by the Innovators and guided by shared questions held by the cohort, team, and advisors behind the program. The national cohort of 25 institutional innovators was selected for their vision to elevate the role of food in patient care and community wellbeing. Supported by an ecosystem of facilitators, mentors, and partners who are committed to a co-learning, co-practicing approach to systems change, the cohort will work collaboratively on the challenges and opportunities of leveraging health care institutions to be anchors of health, within and beyond their walls. Through dialogue, project design, and practice, the cohort will investigate and advance the question:

How can food improve the patient experience, institutional culture, and community wellbeing?  



The backbone of Nourish’s work is to build demand for a future where food is valued as fundamental to health and healing, and local, sustainable and traditional foods are valued as central to healthcare. Through this changed demand, we expect the supply of local, sustainable and traditional foods to grow through new and strengthened relationships with a greater diversity of suppliers.

We aim to influence the creation of a policy environment that supports food for health initiatives, and we are working to change the dominant narrative to one that values the interconnections between the food system and health system, and the health of people and planet.



Undertaking institutional goals and collaborative projects, the cohort of innovators will lead the way to a resilient food future where institutions are anchors of health in their communities. Working in a community of practice, they will draw on their institutions’ abilities to curate more resilient food systems; model healthy food behaviours, and influence policy both private and public.