Through responsive facilitation, one-on-one mentorship, quarterly national cohort calls, regional cluster meet-ups, small group case clinics, webinars, and two national cohort retreats, the innovators will be supported to:

  • Make strategic, mission-aligned decisions amid budgetary pressures.
  • Get cost-neutral wins for more local sustainable, healthy foods.
  • Write RFPs and contracts to source food more strategically.
  • Develop a more expansive conception of value, that reconnects food with culture, preventative health, environment, and social wellbeing.
  • Build more responsive relationships with local producers and value chains.
  • Integrate sustainable foods into existing contracts.
  • Better engage staff and leadership teams.
  • Develop evidence for the impact of food on health and communities.
  • Use food to develop activities that forge links with the broader community.



Nourish takes a learner-centred, participant-driven approach to leadership development, building on evidence of practical, peer-based modes of learning and innovation. This immersive, experience-based, peer-to-peer program is co-created  with the individual and organizational priorities of the cohort. These priorities will lay the foundation for the Nourish learning-curriculum and will inform the design of program activities to enable cohort members to better perform and innovate in their current roles. Nourish will push the creativity of health care innovators -  and the collective imagination of the entire cohort of health care learner-leader-innovators.

A core team will support the cohort with facilitated digital and in-person engagement, programming, developmental evaluation, communications, and strategy. Program content will respond to needs of regional and topical clusters within the cohort.