Nourish Cohort Kicks Off 5 New Collaborative Projects

Are you interested in the role that better food can play in delivering better health care? The Nourish leadership program has kicked off 5 exciting collaborative projects! 

Each team approaches a different dimension of the disconnect between food in health care, for example: better understanding the patient experience of food in health, and addressing barriers to sustainable, local, and traditional food that supports health and healing. Specifically, their work relates to:

  • Increasing the sector's ability to deliver Traditional & Country Food Programs for Indigenous patients and residents
  • Developing a Sustainable Menu Guide to help the sector decrease its ecological impact and support social and economic wellbeing
  • Creating a more enabling policy environment for a Food is Health approach in health care
  • Developing National RFP Models for values-based healthcare food purchasing
  • Researching strategies for benchmarking National Patient Satisfaction/Experience with Food Services

During the webinar, each project team defines the problem they are tackling and how they plan to approach it. Participants are invited to respond to a call to action to engage with the projects. 

We invite everyone to join the Nourish cohort to learn about the suite of national, collaborative projects they have been developing to transform how we think about food in care.