We're Hiring (again): Traditional & Country Food Programs Advocacy Coordinator

The Traditional & Country Foods collaborative project team is hiring a coordinator to support their project to meet the growing demand from institutions that want to learn how to deliver culturally-safe traditional and country food programs. The full job posting is here.

Current colonial regulations make it difficult for Indigenous People to access their traditional foods in many health care settings. Our team believes that “to deny one’s food is to deny them of their culture.” While some health care facilities have taken leadership in establishing Traditional Food Programs (TFP), these facilities have been overwhelmed with requests to share information about their TFPs.

To meet this growing interest across the country to develop capacity to deliver TFPs, this team will create an Advocacy Resource to empower health leaders within organizations to start or expand traditional food programs across the country. The advocacy resource will build on existing resources and aims to support senior leadership and food service teams in health organizations to meaningfully develop culturally-safe traditional and country food programs.

The resource will provide relevant background information and linkages to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, and will provide managers and senior leaders with the appropriate tools to address the political and systemic barriers associated with thoughtfully developing TFPs. In addition, the resource will provide technical and “best practice” guidelines related to sourcing, processing, food production, service, storage, food safety, and traceability of country/wild (non-inspected) foods.

The team seeks a a consultant with knowledge of Indigenous traditional/country foods and healthcare system; experience working with Indigenous populations and an understanding of colonialism and its impacts on present day Indigenous health outcomes; excellent communication and bridge-building skills. 

The full job posting is here. Deadline to apply is April 4. 

If you are a potential contributor or user of this resource, you can get in touch with the team by emailing: nourishTFP[at]gmail.com.