Dan Munshaw

Also, we’ve commenced a four month pilot project ( Sept – Dec)  in collaboration with Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Regional Distribution Food Association at our most popular stadia / arena’s concession where 70% of the menu has been replaced with healthy and traditional foods. Tho only a few weeks in, I’m beginning to hear some excellent feed-back. I’ll provide more details and an update later in October when I’ve more statistical data & feedback to report on.

Fresh fish 2.jpg

Thunder Bay lost its local fish processing plant 20+ years ago. A couple young local entrepreneurs started up a new one & their doors opened ~ 4 weeks ago(Canadian Freshwater Fish).  This upstart company built indigenous relationships & buys it’s fresh fish direct from on-reserve commercial fisherman. Thus we’ve been able to tick a couple boxes on this success. We will be further experimenting with fish pieces and renderings into some recipes.  

I appreciate the efforts of Nourish and it’s cohorts(Cathy & others) who’ve brought awareness of traditional foods forward. Tho I practice on a personal basis,  I hadn’t connected incorporating into an institutional food stream.