Collaborative Projects

A suite of collaborative projects was developed by the Nourish Innovators to address the priority issues facing a wicked, persistent problem in Canadian health care: the disconnect between food and health.

This suite of projects centre on five strategic opportunities, or five leverage points, related to food in care. As national collaborations, they aim to catalyze impacts that resonate outside any single organization or region, to influence beliefs, routines, resource flows, and relationships in the food and health systems.

The composition of each of the five teams varies, with cohort representatives from multiple provinces and territories. The approaches to various dimensions of the disconnect between food in health care also vary -- but the projects are best understood as a suite. They work together to express the will and values of the cohort to build a future where the value of food in care is recognized, and where the impact of healthcare institutions on patient, community, and planet health are understood.

Learn more about the process of developing the projects here.