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Nourish is a national community of practice for innovators shaping the future of food in health care. From Haida Gwaii, British Columbia to Gander, Newfoundland, we’ve assembled influencers from across health care who want to work collaboratively to develop the strategies, practices, and policies that build a food culture that nourishes patients, staff, and communities, for generations to come. Read the latest blog, The Revolution Begins in the Kitchen: humility and reflections from the Nourish retreat.


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Food is Health Blog

On a frozen lake in Quebec, the twenty-five Nourish Innovators met for the first time to carve out space for new collaborations and learning. From reflective farm visits to foresight scenarios that banished the patient tray in an era of drones, see the retreat-in-numbers and read about an incident that started off our journey beyond the ice, into the entrenched systems of food and health. Read the latest blog from Program Designer & Facilitator Hayley Lapalme, "The Revolution Begins in the Kitchen: humility and reflections from the Nourish retreat."

The Leadership Cohort

Supported by an ecosystem of mentors, facilitators, and partners, 25 selected health care innovators from across the country have been selected for a two-year program that will reimagine the role of food in health care, and the role of health care in sustainable food systems. Through project design and practice, dialogue, experimentation and action, Nourish innovators will lead a national effort to activate healthcare institutions as anchors of health, within and beyond their walls. The cohort will be supported by the Nourish ecosystem to develop technical, strategic, and personal leadership capabilities to host transformative conversations and bring innovation to their organizations. It is a community of practice that is also part leadership program and part innovation lab.


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