Upcoming Traditional Food Program Webinar: Feb 15

Upcoming Traditional Food Program Webinar: Feb 15

The Nourish Collaborative Project team on Traditional & Cultural Food Programs invites you to a conversation about their next steps in building capacity for delivering traditional and cultural food programs in health care. Taking place on Thursday, February 15, 3pm-4pm EST. Registration here.

We have a new Director starting mid December and as a region are in the early stages of finding out his vision for the future of food within Interior Health. We would like to move from our current rethermalization system in acute facilities to a just in time model - cooking and serving right up on the floors. Meals shouldn't just be at set times if someone wants a grilled cheese for breakfast and an omelette for lunch and diferent serving times we should be able to provide this (within reason)

Also, we’ve commenced a four month pilot project ( Sept – Dec)  in collaboration with Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Regional Distribution Food Association at our most popular stadia / arena’s concession where 70% of the menu has been replaced with healthy and traditional foods. Tho only a few weeks in, I’m beginning to hear some excellent feed-back. I’ll provide more details and an update later in October when I’ve more statistical data & feedback to report on.

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Thunder Bay lost its local fish processing plant 20+ years ago. A couple young local entrepreneurs started up a new one & their doors opened ~ 4 weeks ago(Canadian Freshwater Fish).  This upstart company built indigenous relationships & buys it’s fresh fish direct from on-reserve commercial fisherman. Thus we’ve been able to tick a couple boxes on this success. We will be further experimenting with fish pieces and renderings into some recipes.  

I appreciate the efforts of Nourish and it’s cohorts(Cathy & others) who’ve brought awareness of traditional foods forward. Tho I practice on a personal basis,  I hadn’t connected incorporating into an institutional food stream.  


I recently returned from a national retreat with Nourish cohort and mentors. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about health promoting food to enhance patient experiences and health. I learned a lot from my Nourish colleagues and have been sharing the stories about their journeys with my Nourish project co-leads. My co-leads and I are regularly meeting with each other and key stakeholders to explore the option of sourcing more locally grown produce. We are looking at a potential partnership with a social enterprise to wash, peel and dice the produce to our specifications and deliver to our institutions. We have also had some initial conversations with a food policy liaison officer regarding inspection of this process and traceability. We are still in very early discussion but excited about the potential opportunities!