I recently returned from a national retreat with Nourish cohort and mentors. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about health promoting food to enhance patient experiences and health. I learned a lot from my Nourish colleagues and have been sharing the stories about their journeys with my Nourish project co-leads. My co-leads and I are regularly meeting with each other and key stakeholders to explore the option of sourcing more locally grown produce. We are looking at a potential partnership with a social enterprise to wash, peel and dice the produce to our specifications and deliver to our institutions. We have also had some initial conversations with a food policy liaison officer regarding inspection of this process and traceability. We are still in very early discussion but excited about the potential opportunities!

NOURISH Retreat was a great place to connect with other innovators across Canada! Other hospitals that are offering room service have been so willing to share their learnings with my team. (couple pictures from NOURISH Retreat – one is our Peer Learning Circle)

Very excited!!! The Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win will be testing a new recipe (Indian Taco) and offering it as a special at the cafeteria on March 14th, 2017. This is part of the plan to expand on the traditional recipes and menu, which will be offered to patients in the future.