Louise Quenneville

A prescription of veggies from Glengarry hospital garden-market

The garden is in full swing and our weekly market has been very successful. We have such an abundance of lettuces, cucumbers, onions, and herbs that the kitchen can’t keep up.

I must share a conversation that I had with a visiting patient yesterday, it was like music to my ears.

A gentleman was at HGMH to see his family doctor. Upon exiting the building he approached our market garden that is set up every Thursday. He began to explain the near-death experiences he's had over the last few years on separate occasions. He was convinced that giving up smoking and drinking were the ticket to better health.

His doctor recommended healthier eating and he took her recommendation to heart only minutes after his appointment. He and his wife purchased a multitude of vegetables; he was making a change to his eating habits because, in his words “clearly the food I eat is connected to my health”.