Food in Health is Part of Healing: Enactment of the Local Food Act in Ontario Food as Quality Indicator


A culture of “good food/food quality” needs to be recognized within the continuum of patient care – from prevention, to the treatment of illness and management of chronic conditions. Currently, the importance and value of local, sustainable foods in Broader Public Sector (BPS) institutions is not a priority. There is no accountability or quantifiable measurements defined in the Local Food Act in Ontario, and food/food quality is not an indicator or measure in provincial health quality improvement plans. Policy makers need to understand the role of food in health and its impact to the overall patient experience.

This project advocates for a baseline for local purchasing to be introduced in the Ontario Local Food Act so that more Broader Public Sector (BPS) institutions will review their procurement processes. By embedding within policy the requirement to track and measure local food purchasing, BPS institutions will prioritize local and sustainable food procurement as a way to enhance the patient meal experience and create a most robust economy. The goal is to create a legacy that local and sustainable food procurement can have a positive impact on health & healing.




Marianne Katusin, Halton Healthcare

Kathy Berger, Health Sciences North

Dan Munshaw, City of Thunder Bay

Bernice Wolf, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Travis Durham, Grove Park Home


Wendy Smith
Hayley Lapalme
Kathy MacPherson
Jennifer Reynolds