Meet Dan

Dan Munshaw, C.S.C.M.P., C.P.S.M., C.P.P. is the Manager of Supply Management, City of Thunder Bay. He is a seasoned supply professional drawing on thirty-five years’ experience in government, mining and manufacturing. He is actively engaged in advancing the supply profession, instructing supply courses, past Board Chair of SCMA Ontario, member of OPBA’s Education Advisory Committee and is the founding member of the Lakehead Purchasing Consortium. Dan is a strong community supporter, serving on the Boards of Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre and Community Living Thunder Bay. Adventure travel, building and enjoying family round out his spare time.

City of Thunder Bay

Located on Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is a vibrant community and is the region's commercial, administrative and medical hub. The City of Thunder Bay provides services that improves quality of life and supports our economy in a responsible manner.  City Councils endorsed a Thunder Bay Food Charter striving to build community economic development through: recognizing that consumption of local food is an integral part of the Thunder Bay economy; developing collaborative urban and rural food security initiatives; and supporting a regionally-based food system enhancing food security. The Corporation operationalizes Council’s commitments and Supply leads in the development of local food partnerships.    



Nourish Vision 

Our vision is to maximize the leverage of food spend contributing towards enhancing quality of life and regional economic development.


  • To build and refine meaningful procurement tools enabling the right food products be acquired while compliant with Trade Agreements, Acts, Laws, Legislation, By –laws and Policy
  • To assist in leveraging policy / legislation change (regionally, provincially and nationally)
  • To establish baseline data, meaningful KPI food measures and to monitor and report annually
  • To act as a mentor sharing food / procurement information, successes, challenges and dead ends.
  • To assist in build regional food capacity (production, value added conversion, storage and distribution) supporting BPS agencies
  • To establish trustable relationships with regional producers and distributors
  • To assist in establishing food as a recognized commodity within education courses within Supply profession
  • To influence change within group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) improving their service offerings to include:
  • Provision of additional information to buyers (such as country of origin)
  • Inclusion of environmental, social and economic considerations into their buy recommendation

Nourish Updates