Guide de menus durables : l’avenir de la création de menus pour les gestionnaires en alimentation


Project Overview

The food service industry should consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of menu planning. However, the construction of a complete menu with a good variety of food with good nutritional quality within budget limits is already complex for food service managers.  Accessible knowledge about how to make sustainable choices in menu planning is crucial.

The Sustainable Menu Guide is a practical and clear guide supporting the menu creation process for the food services industry. With a step by step approach to making sustainable food choices easier, the menu guide will address understanding and meeting patient/resident needs, menu formatting, meal content, food selection steps and sustainable criteria for each step with easy applicable solutions. The objective is to develop a simple tool that facilitates informed decision-making around creating sustainable menus for health care institutions.





Annie MarquezCIUSSS

Kathy BergerHealth Sciences North (HSN) 

Josée LavoieCHU de St-Justine

Travis DurhamGrove Park Home

Cheryl Cooke, Interior Health

Charlotte Pilat BurnsSaskatoon Health Region 

Anne GignacCHU de Québec-Université Laval

Carlota BasualdoAlberta Health Services

Danielle BarriaultAlberta Health Services

Laura TkachAlberta Health Services


Carole St-Pierre
Linda Varangu
Hayley Lapalme
Beth Hunter