Meet Clarissa

Clarissa Frausel is the Administrative Coordinator for Food Services at Interior Health (IH) in Kamloops, British Columbia. Clarissa is experienced in leading teams through quality improvement initiatives including food service system conversions, implementation of healthier cafeteria menus and vending options, and offering point of service nutrition information to help consumers make healthier choices. Clarissa is passionate about food because of its essential value to personal health and well-being as well as its power to create strong social bonds. Clarissa believes that a culture of food has the potential to support individual and community resiliency. Clarissa holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Interior Health (IH)

Interior Health (IH) is a publicly funded health authority in the interior of British Columbia, whose mission is to “promote healthy lifestyles and provide needed health services in a timely, caring, and efficient manner, to the highest professional and quality standards.” IH consists of 4 regional hospitals, 2 tertiary hospitals, 16 community hospitals and 6,578 residential and assisted living beds, serving a population of 743,000. IH Food Services provides five million meals each year, across 55 facilities, utilizing conventional and cook-chill retherm systems. IH owns and operates a regional production facility that produces products such as vegetarian and texture modified entrees, utilizing a cook-freeze system; a Dinners at Home meal program, offering convenient nutritionally-balanced frozen entrées for public purchase, and a community-based Meals on Wheels program in collaboration with non-profit organizations.



Nourish Vision 

Designated Interior Health pilot facility, Royal Inland Hospital, is exploring an enhanced, patient-selected menu, and point-of-care meal service. We’re aspiring to create a culture that embraces food as an integral component of patient care.  


Nourish Updates