Meet Louise 

Louise Quenneville is the Emergency Preparedness/ Accreditation Coordinator and Project Manager at Glengarry Memorial Hospital.  Louise feels that there is a dis-connect between what healthcare promotes about diet, and what a patient may receive on their meal tray. Connecting food to health and incorporating collegial or university resources to make what needs to happen happen is her “joie de vivre”.  Louise is so pleased to be a part of the Nourish program and sees the program as the catalyst for healthcare to walk the talk and reconnect food to health.

Glengarry Memorial Hospital

Glengarry Memorial Hospital is a rural hospital in Eastern Ontario.  It is a hospital comprised of a 24/7 Emergency Department, 22 bed Medicine Unit and a 15 bed Stroke Rehabilitation Unit. The hospital boasts a therapeutic garden that began in 2011, as a result of ministry funding received for the hospital garden project: “Grow Your Food, Stretch Your Limbs, Lift Your Spirits”.  Expanding year over year, the garden has been a focus for Stroke Rehab patients therapy. Since the garden's inception, it has been included in very special research projects: Project S.O.I.L.  (Shared Opportunities for Institutional Land-Wilfrid Laurier University) and Harvesting Health (Carleton University).



Nourish Vision 

Louise Quenneville is a Project Manager at Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH). With Senior Management and hospital Board support, working closely with the Dietary Manager and the Stroke Rehab Team, the HGMH garden has grown exponentially over the last five years. Encouraging patients to experience, participate and take advantage of the freshness of garden produce at their fingertips. As a member of the Nourish cohort the focus over the next two years is to include a substantial portion of fresh food from the garden on every patient tray. The garden has played a very big role in attracting opportunities to collaborate with the Guelph University project, Project SOIL, as well as being invited to validate the benefits of a garden, by constructing an indoor garden at the 2016 OHA Health Achieve Convention in Toronto. And most recently HGMH has collaborated with Alfred College to work on a SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) farming model that could be adapted by other hospitals.


Nourish Updates