Meet Tina & her colleagues

Tina Strickland, Professional Practice Leader and Coordinator for Clinical Nutrition, IWK is the Lead Innovator being supported by co-leads Andrea Connell, Manager of Food Services and Business Development, IWK and Brenda MacDonald, Senior Director, Nutrition and Food Services, NSHA. These innovators are co-leading the implementation of healthy eating strategies and a healthy eating policy at the IWK and NSHA. They have keen insight of emerging practices related to food and nutrition services and worked together to implement room service (Dial for Dining) at the IWK and NSHA. They recognize food’s critical role in health, as well as local and sustainable food’s role on the economy and environment.

IWK Health Centre

Nova Scotia has two health authorities. The IWK Health Centre’s mission is to passionately pursue a healthy future for women, children, youth and families. The IWK is an acute tertiary care hospital serving over a million patients and families in Atlantic Canada. The NSHA’s Vision is Healthy people, healthy communities – for generations. It is the largest employer in the province that operates hospitals, health centres and community-based programs from 45 different facilities across the province. A room service restaurant style concept is the desired food service delivery model for the IWK and NSHA that drives high patient satisfaction, low food waste, and improved patient outcomes.



Nourish Vision

The IWK and NSHA are partnering to explore opportunities to provide more local vegetables and fruits to our patients and families within our health centres. We want to collaborate with local farmers and growers, GPOs, distributors, social enterprises and other key community stakeholders to increase local food purchasing and production. Incorporating more fresh and local foods in our menus is another opportunity to enhance the patient food experience and provide nutritious food that promotes recovery, healing and enjoyment.

Apples are local produce for Nova Scotia and are easiest to get, even in the winter.

Apples are local produce for Nova Scotia and are easiest to get, even in the winter.